1975 – December 1, Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, Inc. is founded.

1976 – Brothers of Lambda Theta Phi also become known as “Lambdas.”

1978 – Fraternity shield completed with assistance of Fraternal Father Cayetano Socarrás and Honorary Brother Raymond Lago.

1979 – Lambda Theta Phi helps form coalition of Latino student organizations to protest a lack of services to Latino students at Kean College (now Kean University); it is the first mention of a “Latino Fraternity” in any print media in the U.S.

1980 – Fraternity shield is revised by Honorary Brother Raymond Lago.

1984 – Fraternity adopts “Latinos en Estados Unidos” by Willie Colon and Celia Cruz as its official song as proposed by the Founding Line of Epsilon Chapter.

1984 – Fraternity shield is revised into the current image by Epsilon Founding Brother Daniel Sedares under the guidance of Fraternal Father Cayetano Socarrás.

1986 – “Ahora,” a Spanish-Language newspaper out of Union City, NJ publishes a 2 ½ page article on the fraternity, the first story every printed about a Latino Greek Letter Organization (LGLO) in a Spanish-Language newspaper in the U.S.

1990 – A delegation of Lambdas lead by Founding Father Agustin Garcia represents the fraternity at the International Cuban Youth Conference for a Free Cuba (translated from Spanish) in Miami, FL; the fraternity was the only non-Cuban (specific) organization to participate and make a presentation at the event

1991 – Lambda Chapter, the first chapter outside of New Jersey is founded at the University of Connecticut.

1992 – Lambda Theta Phi is publicly thanked for their support during the acceptance speech of Brother Robert Menendez during his victory speech after being elected to Congress.

1992 – Lambda Theta Phi is the first Latin Fraternity to become members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference.

1994 – January 24, passing of Fraternal Father Dr. Cayetano Socarrás, affectionately known as Chacho to those brothers who have had the privilege of meeting him.

1994 – The history of Lambda Theta Phi,” written by Beta brother Jesus Peña, is published, making Lambda Theta Phi the first LGLO to have a published history book.

1995 – The fraternity posts its first website, built and designed by brothers Juan Aguilar and Carlos Morales.

1996 – Fraternity sponsors a contingent of brothers to participate in “’96 Será” a demonstration in Washington, DC to protest a wave of anti-immigrant legislation.

1998 – Former President Jorge Diaz and Jesus Peña establish Lambda Theta Phi Educational Foundation, a 501(c) (3) entity.

2001 – U.S. Senate Resolution for “Organizational Achievement,” presented to Lambda Theta Phi at our Annual Awards Banquet, November 25, from Senator Joseph Lieberman.

2001 – Lambda Theta Phi receives Community Service Award at the Annual Latino & NALFO Awards Gala.

2003 – Lambda Theta Phi becomes a member of the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO).

2003 – Lambda Theta Phi holds national press conferences in Washington, D.C. and organizes students and alumni across the country to protest a media merger that they believed would create a monopoly of Spanish-language media.

2005 – Lambda Theta Phi becomes the first Latin Fraternity to award a “Latina Scholarship” at its national awards banquet.

2006 – Lambda Theta Phi brother, Bob Menendez, was elected New Jersey U.S. Senator.

2007 – Lambda Theta Phi becomes the first U.S. Latin Fraternity to hold a Conference in Puerto Rico.

2008 – Former National President Byron Bustos establish Lambda Theta Phi Board of Trustees.

2008 – Lambda Theta Phi hires its first, full-time executive director, Gary Ballinger.

2009 – Lambda Theta Phi hires its second executive director, Byron Bustos.

2010 – Lambda Theta Phi becomes the first Latin Greek letter organization to be attributed by the institution it was founded (Kean University).

2014 – Lambda Theta Phi signs memorandum of understanding with Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) as national philanthropic partner.

2014 – Lambda Theta Phi establishes its first entity at a historically Black college/university with the Johnson C. Smith University Colony.

2014 – Lambda Theta Phi hires its third executive director, Jarrod Cruz.

2014 – Lambda Theta Phi discontinues membership in National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO).